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Artistic Statement

Growing up in small Northern California cow-town, I spent most of my life thinking the only kind of theater that existed was commercial. The big million dollar tours that came through San Francisco and the Broadway cast albums I could buy at the bookstore were the only resources I had to create my (not so wide) understanding of theater and its limitations. Upon coming to Philadelphia to attend The University of the Arts in 2014, I was plunged into another world of possibilities.

Surrounded by movement, devised, and new, groundbreaking theater, my little queer heart just about burst. There was a world of theatre where I didn’t have to tell the stories of people so far removed from me and my personal experiences. A world where I could see myself represented on stage and use my voice to tell my own stories from my unique, queer, human experience; and it had been waiting for me to discover it. I didn’t have to perform things that old, straight, cisgender men had written years and years before I was even a twinkle in my parent’s eyes. I could tear down walls, cross boundaries, and challenge audiences- and myself- all with my own brain, words, and choices.

I make work that pushes me and my audiences to look at ideas, the world, and each other from new perspectives. I make art to give voices and representation to my siblings, queer in gender and sexuality. I make art that explores human existence and questions everything we have come to know. I make art to challenge the knowledge, ideas, and abilities I have developed thus far to push the boundaries of what theatre is known to be and what it can be, by growing and molding along with the ever changing medium.

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