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Honey Honey

Honey Honey is a collaboration between Ninth Planet and Brandi Burgess with a cohort of creators including Paloma Irizarry, Emily Johnson, Anthony Martinez-Briggs, Sav Souza, Jackie Soro, and electronic musicians Rachel Ishikawa, Kiki Rodriquez and Jacqueline Constance. We're co-authoring the show together through a series of devising and writing workshops. The material has been loosely inspired by the Los Angeles fairy tale style of Francesca Lia Block's young adult novels and is Honey Honey is being created for ages 13 and up. It focuses on questions of teenage identity, growing up queer, creating alterna-family structures, and the intersections of love and loss. This month, a group of teen collaborators have joined our creation process through a partnership with The Attic Youth Center. Our teen collaborators have written or edited some of the work you'll see at the showing. 


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